3303-04-30 – Missions at Balakor

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Balakor's Research Post, Eol Prou YD-W b17-1
Date : 3303-04-30
Time : 07:13 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After scouting around a few systems, roughly fitting my Cobra with B and C class fittings, it would appear that A-class is somewhat of a rarity out here. Not completely surprising. I also had to go with turreted lasers on my forward and bottom mounts due to necessity, they don’t hit very hard but at least if I do face combat, they will remain fixed on target with this heavier than optimal Cobra sliding around. Most of the settlements out here are also ground colonies with a smattering of orbital platforms. I settled upon one such platform; a research outpost operated by the Colonia Research Department called Balakor’s Research Post. It orbits an ammonia world, a muddy brown red world that basks in the blue hue of Colonia.

I positioned my Cobra close to the station, signed off with flight control and slept before making a docking request. It was while I ate breakfast, looking at the local mission and passenger board when I was approached by a man with bleach blonde hair. He asked if I was new around these parts, obviously a rhetorical question, this whole place felt like everyone knew each other, even I was starting to recognize a few Commander names.

He followed up by pointing at one of the salvage missions; some drone had crashed during a surface transport task and there would be some money in it for anyone who would go out and find it. I had done similar salvage contracts before, it would be very very easy. Drones typically send out packets of information with coordinates and the search zone would the relatively straight forward. The catch? The catch was that along with some fairly standard salvage, there was a shipment of nerve agents which the Colonia Co-operative would rather not fall into the wrong hands.

I thought about it for a few moments… easy money… I nodded at him and took his contact card. I finished the food I had left and went back to Bay 1 where my Cobra was waiting.

The mission itself was just as I thought, fairly straight forward, the only part of it I was not made aware of was that the drone had gone down roughly 10 km from a small unregistered facility.

The last thing I wanted was to be taken down by the two larger cannons, there was also an Adder hovering nearby. I was uncertain to what end, so I did what I originally came to do. In and out, as quickly as I could.

Without wanting to ask any questions, once back at the Research outpost I simply ordered the deckgang to hang tight while I contacted the Blonde man… easiest 500,000 credits I have made out here thus far.


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