3303-04-26 – Gagarin Gate

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Gagarin Gate, Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31
Date : 3303-04-26
Time : 23:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After several days of jumping from system to system, looking out for interesting astronomical phenomenon, watching nebulae grow and then fade as I frameshift slowly by I found myself at my next stopping point. Gagarin Gate. If my Earth history lessons where correct the station is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space some 1300 odd years ago. It seems sobering that those early pioneers faced such enormous challenges and danger just to make a few orbits around our birthplace, and yet, it is something we now take for granted. I look out of a canopy made of active glass, capable of accepting arms fire and not instantly breaking. Space sometimes feels even dare I say it… safe… inside these vessels.

Gagarin Gate is quiet, more so than Eagle’s Landing the station is just on the terminator of the moon and is lit by the local nebula. It is bathed in a blood red hue which is a little bit un-nerving to me. The canopy and my own eyes do try and adjust to make the balance look more natural but ultimately it feels like the colour is unescapable.

I thought this far out and spending a few days without any possible access to human interaction, that I would relish the opportunity to just share the same room with a few other Commanders or colonists here. Oddly I don’t. All I took onboard was some fuel, I chatted with the deck gang to service the usual equipment, stocked up my food supplies and spent a few hours with my feet on my forward console counting the occasional flash in the sky.

Time : 02:06 SGT
Type : Personal Log

I am getting ever closer to my destination, the auto-routing software is getting slower and is starting to put my though the occasional black hole and neutron star system. This basically means I have to pay closer attention to my environment to avoid damage or possible death. My usual laziness of not even worrying about the throttle position and gliding around stars, scooping fuel and firing the frameshift is now a little bit more effort. Thanks to recent software upgrades I get notifications of what I am expecting in the next system. Still, sometimes I forget.

I found a blackhole system host to a few small rocks, I will spend the night here and get back on my way tomorrow.


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