3303 – 04 – 18 Toward Colonia

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Date : 3303-04-18
Time : 14:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After a short career as a fighter pilot and now, as fully licensed Commander, with the help of my mentor I have managed to amass the small sum 8 million credits and a Lakon Diamondback Explorer class vessel. Now as a fully independent Commander I noticed a lack of direction in myself. In order to turn this around I have decided to keep a Cmdr’s log to keep track of my plans, where I have been and where I want to go, both within the galaxy and in life.

With this in mind, my new direction will be to head for pastures new. While in a starship, this almost has no meaning, within a day one can find a new home on the opposite side of inhabited space. So I’v decided that in order to give this meaning, I would set out for Colonia. Eros was dead against it when I spoke with him over a beer at Zamka Platform.

“Tiny place with not enough people to keep you interested, life in the Frontiers is fine, but that is too much like life in the badlands, one set of bad eggs turn up and the whole thing can turn south without anyone to draw a line in the sand”

I don’t think that is really a fair representation, besides, despite it being an investment in time and in vessel maintenance, it doesn’t need to be permanent, and there is a network of recovery vessels and a upward looking community… with such a bleak and lonely existence compared to the bubble, I can imagine that even the pirates would rather ask three or four times before trying to shoot you up. Even if its just for the conversation. Not like that in the bubble, so many people using the term pirate interchangeably with murderer that they are too often one in the same.

Either way, despite not needing his blessing, he did give it to me and wished me the best and to send him a postcard, what ever one of those is.

So that is that. It is time to put some space between me and the bubble roughly left of towards SagA.



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