3303-04-30 – Missions at Balakor

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Balakor's Research Post, Eol Prou YD-W b17-1
Date : 3303-04-30
Time : 07:13 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After scouting around a few systems, roughly fitting my Cobra with B and C class fittings, it would appear that A-class is somewhat of a rarity out here. Not completely surprising. I also had to go with turreted lasers on my forward and bottom mounts due to necessity, they don’t hit very hard but at least if I do face combat, they will remain fixed on target with this heavier than optimal Cobra sliding around. Most of the settlements out here are also ground colonies with a smattering of orbital platforms. I settled upon one such platform; a research outpost operated by the Colonia Research Department called Balakor’s Research Post. It orbits an ammonia world, a muddy brown red world that basks in the blue hue of Colonia.

I positioned my Cobra close to the station, signed off with flight control and slept before making a docking request. It was while I ate breakfast, looking at the local mission and passenger board when I was approached by a man with bleach blonde hair. He asked if I was new around these parts, obviously a rhetorical question, this whole place felt like everyone knew each other, even I was starting to recognize a few Commander names.

He followed up by pointing at one of the salvage missions; some drone had crashed during a surface transport task and there would be some money in it for anyone who would go out and find it. I had done similar salvage contracts before, it would be very very easy. Drones typically send out packets of information with coordinates and the search zone would the relatively straight forward. The catch? The catch was that along with some fairly standard salvage, there was a shipment of nerve agents which the Colonia Co-operative would rather not fall into the wrong hands.

I thought about it for a few moments… easy money… I nodded at him and took his contact card. I finished the food I had left and went back to Bay 1 where my Cobra was waiting.

The mission itself was just as I thought, fairly straight forward, the only part of it I was not made aware of was that the drone had gone down roughly 10 km from a small unregistered facility.

The last thing I wanted was to be taken down by the two larger cannons, there was also an Adder hovering nearby. I was uncertain to what end, so I did what I originally came to do. In and out, as quickly as I could.

Without wanting to ask any questions, once back at the Research outpost I simply ordered the deckgang to hang tight while I contacted the Blonde man… easiest 500,000 credits I have made out here thus far.


3303-04-28 – Colonia

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Colonia Hub, Colonia
Date : 3303-04-28
Time : 13:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

I finally made it to my destination. Colonia and I find it an oddly desolate place. There are a smattering of populated places around the system but all of small populations with only basic starport facilities. I wont say just yet that it is a disappointment, after-all, I have only just arrived. To jade ones perception of the place after only a few hours would be short sighted. For now My Dimondback explorer will be placed into storage and I will purchase a Cobra MKIII. Fittings appear to be somewhat scarce, but I hear there are a few high tech economies around here. I am undecided exactly how to begin my career out in the deep.

Screenshot_0021The views here are almost universally beautiful, I can definitely feel the pull of this place.

For now, I will explore the local systems and find fittings for my Cobra


3303-04-26 – Gagarin Gate

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Gagarin Gate, Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31
Date : 3303-04-26
Time : 23:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After several days of jumping from system to system, looking out for interesting astronomical phenomenon, watching nebulae grow and then fade as I frameshift slowly by I found myself at my next stopping point. Gagarin Gate. If my Earth history lessons where correct the station is named after Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space some 1300 odd years ago. It seems sobering that those early pioneers faced such enormous challenges and danger just to make a few orbits around our birthplace, and yet, it is something we now take for granted. I look out of a canopy made of active glass, capable of accepting arms fire and not instantly breaking. Space sometimes feels even dare I say it… safe… inside these vessels.

Gagarin Gate is quiet, more so than Eagle’s Landing the station is just on the terminator of the moon and is lit by the local nebula. It is bathed in a blood red hue which is a little bit un-nerving to me. The canopy and my own eyes do try and adjust to make the balance look more natural but ultimately it feels like the colour is unescapable.

I thought this far out and spending a few days without any possible access to human interaction, that I would relish the opportunity to just share the same room with a few other Commanders or colonists here. Oddly I don’t. All I took onboard was some fuel, I chatted with the deck gang to service the usual equipment, stocked up my food supplies and spent a few hours with my feet on my forward console counting the occasional flash in the sky.

Time : 02:06 SGT
Type : Personal Log

I am getting ever closer to my destination, the auto-routing software is getting slower and is starting to put my though the occasional black hole and neutron star system. This basically means I have to pay closer attention to my environment to avoid damage or possible death. My usual laziness of not even worrying about the throttle position and gliding around stars, scooping fuel and firing the frameshift is now a little bit more effort. Thanks to recent software upgrades I get notifications of what I am expecting in the next system. Still, sometimes I forget.

I found a blackhole system host to a few small rocks, I will spend the night here and get back on my way tomorrow.

3303-04-20 Eagle’s Landing

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Location : Eagle's Landing, Eagle Sector IR-W d1-117
Date : 3303-04-20
Time : 10:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log 

I  arrived a short while ago at a refuelling and servicing colony on my way to Colonia known as Eagle’s Landing. It is bathed in the blue hue and slight glow of the Eagle nebula, the base itself located on the first moon of the second planet. The gas giant hangs in the sky, silhouetted by the host star, a deep black as though it is a hole in space. Even now when I see this, from this fixed point of reference, standing upon this dusty rock, it reminds me of why I am out here. It isn’t just about money. It is about these fleeting moments in time when the universe grabs you by the collar and says… ‘Look at this! Look at all of this.’ It is too often the opinion that these barren rocky worlds that are exposed to the void are uninspiring and ugly, but as I stand here I feel like I should take a photograph to capture this moment.


Time : 11:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log 2

I took my SRV out of its hanger in order to visit the main facility, grab a bite and see if the local bar was a dive or not. Turned out that perhaps not unexpectedly for a place this remote that the bar was not open 24hours and the canteen was really my only hope for sustenance outside standard ration packs. People can call me insane but, Eagle’s landing serve the best Synthetic sausage and mash I think I have had outside of my homeworld. Imperial style spiced gravy, the synth meat has quite a pleasant texture. People tell me real meat is the only way to go, but I lived on synth for so many years, to me, it is not the garbage the richer of this galaxy speak of. It was a moment of pleasure for me to sit back, take a beer and eat. The locals were mostly friendly, though isolation goes both ways, people can be welcoming of newcomers because they are glad of a change from the tedium. They of-course be hostile because they do not want an outsider interfering with their routine of tedium. Eagle’s Landing when I visited was leaning slightly toward the latter. I was not unwelcome, but not exactly greeted with a friendly smile. Maybe it is because I appear so obviously Imperial. Anyway, if you visit, go to building 2 to the main canteen locally called “The Can” and get the synth sausage, its awesome, and don’t worry about the locals unless you feel someone is going to fight you, or buy you a beer. Most likely you will just be left alone.

I will remain here for maybe another day or so before I set back out. I will note down any significant events that occur. I doubt there will be much, thus far I have not seen another commander here other than the local long haul import export people… I do not envy them, but they are no doubt truckers of the hardest metal.

I think I will skip the next outpost on the way to Colonia and head for Gigarin Gate, It is located in Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31.



3303 – 04 – 18 Toward Colonia

Commander Name : Sima Basirat
Date : 3303-04-18
Time : 14:42 SGT
Type : Personal Log

After a short career as a fighter pilot and now, as fully licensed Commander, with the help of my mentor I have managed to amass the small sum 8 million credits and a Lakon Diamondback Explorer class vessel. Now as a fully independent Commander I noticed a lack of direction in myself. In order to turn this around I have decided to keep a Cmdr’s log to keep track of my plans, where I have been and where I want to go, both within the galaxy and in life.

With this in mind, my new direction will be to head for pastures new. While in a starship, this almost has no meaning, within a day one can find a new home on the opposite side of inhabited space. So I’v decided that in order to give this meaning, I would set out for Colonia. Eros was dead against it when I spoke with him over a beer at Zamka Platform.

“Tiny place with not enough people to keep you interested, life in the Frontiers is fine, but that is too much like life in the badlands, one set of bad eggs turn up and the whole thing can turn south without anyone to draw a line in the sand”

I don’t think that is really a fair representation, besides, despite it being an investment in time and in vessel maintenance, it doesn’t need to be permanent, and there is a network of recovery vessels and a upward looking community… with such a bleak and lonely existence compared to the bubble, I can imagine that even the pirates would rather ask three or four times before trying to shoot you up. Even if its just for the conversation. Not like that in the bubble, so many people using the term pirate interchangeably with murderer that they are too often one in the same.

Either way, despite not needing his blessing, he did give it to me and wished me the best and to send him a postcard, what ever one of those is.

So that is that. It is time to put some space between me and the bubble roughly left of towards SagA.